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Please use this form if:

  • You have moved house or changed any other of your contact details (email address or phone number)
  • You need a PIN issuing and have been unable to change or reset it online
  • Your library account has expired or is about to expire

Your library account will expire every three years. This is an automatic process which happens to ensure that we are complying with the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Keep your details up to date - please complete this form and we will update your library membership details. Please note this form is for individual members not music and drama societies or reading groups - please email  or  to make changes in these cases.
An automated forgotten PIN service for your library account is available using the email on your library account so please ensure we have your current email address.

For details of how we use and store your information please see our privacy notice.

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PLEASE NOTE – if you have changed your email address, we will update the address on your main library account. Any notifications sent directly from Lancashire libraries will go to the new address.
However, if you use additional online services such as eBooks and eAudio from BorrowBox or RBdigital or the Library Elf service, that you personally registered with separately using your email address, you will need to login to those accounts to change it. Otherwise notifications for loans, reservations and expiries for those services will still go to your old email address.
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If you've asked for a PIN reset, please note that if you are a user of the free Library Elf reminder system you will also need to login to your account and change your PIN there, after it has been reset on your library account.
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