Request to speak at the meeting of the Development Control Committee

Members of the public can apply to speak at a meeting of the Development Control Committee by completing this form.

You need to give at least 3 clear working days' notice prior to the date of the Committee meeting. For major applications other timescales may apply.

Each person will be limited to three minutes. What you say must be relevant to the planning application only. You are responsible for the content of your speech and as such you should take care not to make personal or defamatory remarks. Please note that the meeting is held in public, and so all comments you make will be in the public realm.

A maximum of 30 speakers may speak at a meeting on each planning application or linked planning application. (15 speakers opposing an application and 15 speakers in support of an application). 

Further details on the council's public speaking protocol can be found here:
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You will be contacted before the meeting where the application is to be considered to confirm your attendance. This will be by telephone or by e-mail before the meeting.

Please note that the meetings of the Development Control Committee are webcast (shown live over the internet) and are available to view on the council's website at: both during and after the meeting. 

You can view future meeting dates here.


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