Lancashire Book of the Year 2023 - Expression of Interest Form

Please use this form if:

  • You are an author or publisher with a title you would like to be considered for the Lancashire Book of the Year 2023 longlist.

Please be aware of the following entry requirements

  • The award is for an original work of fiction or an original collection of short stories by a single author, first published in the United Kingdom in its first edition between 1st September 2021 and 31st August 2022
  • The nominated book(s) must be suitable for 13 to 14 year old young people (UK School Year 9)

Please pay particular attention to the intended age of the readers and ensure any books nominated are appropriate to this age range (13-14 years). The decisions on age ranges are subjective, but we are anxious to avoid any embarrassment to both the authors and schools for books which have been inappropriately nominated.

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